How We Work

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How We Work

We are proud to help keep our customers and their service going on successful by providing critical service and technical support. Kingsmich has always been a customer-driven company, and our approximately effort in customer satisfaction is second to none, We fully dedicate ourselves to our customers’ missions and act as a trusted partner helping our customers stay ahead of technology, gain efficiencies, and cut costs.

•Our Technical Services Group delivers business solutions to our customer’s local and State, providing expert technical and operational support worldwide.

•Our Mission, and operation group tackles some of the most challenging system security and hardware and software problems facing our potential customers.

•Our Emerging Markets Group provides technical and sale program support and for healthcare IT, space services and other federal civilian programs and individual organization.


Who We Support

  • Individual with computer, networking, cell phone, laptop cabling and other related issues
  • Comcast
  • PNC Bank
  • Century link
  • Pendum Unlimited
  • DC net
  • Edge Technologies
  • Insight Globe
  • Maryland Department of Transportation Authority
  • Social Security Administration
  • Center for social change
  • Progress Unlimited
  • Harry corporation tech
  • Rem mentor Network
  • Royal exchange Assurance plc.
  • Noc & co.
  • New day Network
  • Other U.S. federal government customers

We Fix, Install, Configure.

Buy and Sell new/used cell phone

We Unlock you phone.

We Upgrade cell phone

We setup you up so that you can email, print and fax from smart phone.

We Secure you cell communication.

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